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We Cultivate and develop strategies to effectively reach the Asian American markets and their various cultural nuances.

We Cultivate brands to effectively reach Asian American consumers & Asian tourists through deep cultural immersion, strategy, and tactical development based on brand objectives, consumer research, cultural nuances, language preferences, demographics, and psychographics.

We Create by innovating and thinking traditionally and digitally, while remaining authentic and true to brand guidelines.

We Connect with the fastest growing, highest earning, and highest spending segment through a highly targeted and integrated media approach in order to drive brand awareness and increase ROI through highly personalized support.


We cultivate and develop strategies to effectively reach the Asian American and Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) tourist markets and their various cultural nuances.

We enable performance-oriented marketers to target Asian Americans & Asian tourists by building customer loyalty, fostering brand advocacy, and improving overall return on investment.

We have strategic partnerships with General Market, Hispanic, African American, and digital agencies. These partnerships provide us the opportunity to offer a total market solution with unparalleled resources.

Our Services

  • Account Services

    Our experienced Account Services team has in-depth knowledge of the Asian American & Asian segments and its various cultural nuances. A dedicated team will partner with you to develop and manage comprehensive marketing strategy and tactical campaigns.


    • Strategic Planning
    • Market Research & Development
    • Customer Segmentation
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Strategy & Tactical Development
    • High-Touch Initiative by Leveraging Brand Equity
    • Build Customer Loyalty, Advocacy, and Return On Investment
    • Account Planning
    • Campaign Management and Coordination
  • Media

    Our skilled Media team has established relationships with a wide array of traditional and digital media channels. These partnerships enable us to recommend the best possible use of media platforms available to generate maximum impressions and return on investment.


    • Research & Planning
    • Buying Traditional & Digital (Direct placement, Ad-network, Programmatic) Media
    • Traditional Media: TV, Radio, Print, OOH, Guerilla Marketing, and Event
    • Digital Media: Search, Native (Sponsored Content), Display, and Video (Desktop, Mobile, Social)
    • Ad trafficking, Monitoring & Performance Evaluation
  • Creative & Production

    Our highly innovative Creative and resourceful Production teams are some of the best in the industry. Our marketing recommendations are guaranteed to further your overall brand.


    • Ad Creation: TV, Radio, Print, OOH, Native, Digital Display & Video
    • Collateral, Point of Sale, and Packaging
    • Creative Concepting
    • Trans-creation
    • Translation
    • Copywriting
    • Art Direction
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Film/Video Directing, Producing, and Editing
  • Digital & Social

    Our comprehensive and strategic digital and social media offering is just the beginning. Attention-grabbing content, targeted platform integration, and success metric indicators ensure your business objectives are met while authentically engaging the target audience.


    • Adwords
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Microsite Development
    • Search Engine & Content Optimization
    • Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine, Pinterest)
    • Native Advertising (Sponsored Content)
    • Content Creation
    • Mobile Web & Applications
  • Public Relations

    Our PR team provides services beyond managing the flow of information between your brand and the public. We ensure your needs are clearly and effectively communicated to the target audience.


    • Media Training
    • Media Advisory
    • Press Release
    • Press Conference
    • Media Monitoring
    • Crisis Management
    • Community Relations
    • Traditional Media Outreach
    • Thought Leadership & Speaking Engagements
    • Development of Effective & Persuasive Communication
  • Experiential Events

    Our full service events team help you turn your vision into reality. We produce full-scale experiences customized to your needs while staying true to your brand. From promotional efforts to post-event follow-up, we provide complete support for you from start to finish. The outcome is always a positive and impactful event with measurable and rewarding results.


    • Sponsorships
    • Turnkey Event Creation
    • Onsite Activation & POS
    • Entertainment Endorsement
    • Grassroots & Guerilla Marketing
    • Professionally Trained Brand Ambassadors


Viread: "For My Family"

"For My Family" was the first direct-to-consumer advertising effort for Gilead Sciences' flagship Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) treatment drug, Viread. PCA wanted to create an authentic and engaging ad campaign that resonated with the 1st generation Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities without resorting to commonly used scare tactics when talking about diseases. The ad concept utilized positive imagery that invoked a sense of family and togetherness while encouraging the target audience to get tested for HBV through its messaging. After the campaign, Viread became the leading treatment option for HBV and prescriptions increased by 14% year-over-year.


Visionaries Conference

In order to create awareness of Verizon's support in the Asian Pacific American community, PCA launched an event known as the Visionaries Conference. The 2012 conference, which included panelists Joe Zee, Mark Muñoz, Jamie Chung and host XiXi Yang, made an impression on over 5 million viewers through our in-language web, print, television and social media engagement efforts. Additionally, coverage of the conference was secured on the largest Korean, Chinese and Asian-American media outlets.

Philippine Airlines

"Experience The Fiestas Of The Philippines"

Philippine Airlines (PAL) was seeking a campaign that would increase brand awareness as well as travel to the Philippines during the first quarter of fiesta season. Unfortunately, many consumers are unfamiliar with these holidays. Therefore, PCA developed an integrated marketing and advertising media plan that would not only inform consumers of PAL's current promotional offers, but would also draw their attention to the exciting festivities associated with the fiesta season in the Philippines.


"Make A Promise To Your Family This New Year"

Capitalizing on the 2012 Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon, PCA developed a print and OOH campaign for Gilead Sciences using a highly stylized color layout featuring an image of a vibrant family holding the iconic dragon up high as they march proudly underneath a deep blue sky. The headline delivered a powerful message that appealed, not to their audience's fears, but to their sense of duty: "Make a promise to your family this New Year. Get tested for Hepatitis B."



To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Verizon was seeking an event that would allow them to build brand affinity and promote their products while solidifying their connection to the Asian American community. This led to the creation of the Verizon APAHM Tour, a concert tour that has now become the premier platform for showcasing Asian American culture and talent nationwide. Each concert featured on-site branding and promotion including brand ambassadors, an APAHM Tour Premium Table, Verizon branding and signage placement. The concert tour has had a phenomenal impact on the Asian American community and has left thousands of attendees throughout the years eagerly anticipating more.


APAHM Tour Microsite

A website can be more than a simple tool for disseminating information. It can be an interactive experience. To promote the Verizon APAHM Tour, PCA created the APAHM Tour microsite with this notion in mind. The microsite was designed as a central place for tour and Meet & Greet information, ticket purchases, social media interaction, Enter-to-Win Sweepstakes, instructions on a Drive to Retail Scratch-Off Game and a "Hidden Access" QR code concert page.

Warner Music Japan

Japonicana Tour

Jin Akanishi is an international pop superstar whose presence can be felt in numerous countries across Asia. However, his recognition in the United States back in 2012 was limited. To appropriately introduce Jin to the United States with the level of anticipation and excitement that a pop phenomenon deserves, PCA launched a five-city U.S. tour. Amongst the songs he performed, were Jin's U.S. singles "Test Drive Featuring Jason Derulo" and "Sun Burns Down", both of which had debuted at #1 on the iTunes Dance Chart on their first day of release.

Warner Music Japan

In order for Jin Akanishi to make a substantial impact on the U.S. market, a strong online presence was crucial. To establish this presence, PCA created Jin's official website: The website featured a wealth of information on Jin to educate new fans on his background and career. It also featured an abundance of images and videos to whet the appetite of his legions of both new and existing fans. Most importantly, served as a hub for all of Jin's social media activity. Through the creation of the official website as well as his Facebook and YouTube page, PCA ensured that Jin Akanishi's presence online could unmistakably be felt.

Warner Music Japan

Japonicana Facebook Contest:

To properly generate buzz for Jin Akanishi's debut U.S. album Japonicana and his U.S. concert tour, a social media promotion was needed which would allow all of Jin's fans to participate. This led PCA to create a contest on Facebook that involved fans submitting a photograph of them wearing their favorite hats along with a sweepstakes form. Entering this contest would give them the opportunity to win a fedora personally signed by Jin. This sparked an overwhelming amount of submissions from ecstatic fans effectively generating the buzz that the rising pop star deserved.

Warner Music Japan

Japonicana Album Promotion

In addition to creating an official U.S. website and launching various social media contests, PCA also put together an exclusive single launch Meet and Greet event, produced an original web series and generated continuous press coverage as a part of its full-fledged PR campaign for Jin Akanishi's Japonicana album. Through this series of effective PR efforts, Jin Akanishi's debut U.S. singles and album release proved to be a great success.



Experience the rich history of
PCA in this video recap of our
creative work and past events.

PCA Original Short

A Chinese American Experience:
Lunar New Year

An original short film produced by PCA providing a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Chinese American.

Using the Lunar New Year holiday as a backdrop, A Chinese American Experience: Lunar New Year explores the unique traditions and cultural nuances that exist among two generations of Chinese Americans. The film also illustrates how such traditions can evolve amongst the generations while never failing to bring the two together.

PCA Original Short

A Korean American Experience:
Family Affair

An original short film produced by PCA providing a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Korean American.

A Korean American Experience: Family Affair gives an insightful look into the culture, traditions and consumer behavior exhibited amongst a Korean American family on the day of a large family gathering.


B Here University Tour

A video recap of our 2010 B Here University Tour for Gilead Sciences.

Japanese American National Museum

The Remembrance Project PSA

A Public Service Announcement produced by PCA about the Japanese American National Museum's Remembrance Project.

The PSA, which discusses the Japanese American internment camps of WWII, features George Takei, Steve Aoki, Marie Digby, Norman Mineta and many others.

Warner Music Japan

Jin Akanishi: The Takeover - Episode 6

Episode 6 of the PCA-produced documentary web series Jin Akanishi:
The Takeover

This episode features our single launch event for Jin Akanishi's debut U.S. single "Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo" which was held at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.


APAHM Tour featuring Mike Relm, JJ Lin, Evonne Hsu & Vanness Wu

A video recap of our 2010 APAHM concert tour for Verizon featuring Mike Relm, JJ Lin, Evonne Hsu & Vanness Wu.

The tour included US cities in both the East and West Coast. This video recap covers the East Coast leg of the tour.


Latino Soccer Clinic

A video recap of our 2011 Latino national soccer program for Verizon.


Lunar New Year in San Francisco Union Square

A video recap of our 2012 Verizon Lunar New Year event in San Francisco's Union Square.


Visionaries Conference

A video recap of our 2012 Verizon Visionaries Conference.


APAHM Tour featuring Jay Park

A video recap of our 2012 APAHM concert tour for Verizon featuring Jay Park.


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