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Our journey began in 1995 with a spark of creativity and a vision to connect and inspire Asian Americans. In the heart of San Francisco, we started as a humble promotions and event production company and quickly blossomed into a national brand synonymous with Asian events and entertainment. From this single passion point we have proudly produced over 6,000 unforgettable experiences and united over 4 million attendees across North America and Asia.

In 2004, we embarked on a new chapter, expanding beyond events to become a trailblazing force in Asian American marketing and communications. From the very beginning, we've been pioneers - pushing boundaries and setting trends. We proudly introduced K-pop into the realm of 360 marketing campaigns, forever changing the landscape. We orchestrated the first national social media influencer campaign, driving engagement to new heights. Our legacy is one of innovation, of daring to imagine, and executing the unprecedented.

Today, we are a gateway - connecting brands with the vibrant tapestry of multicultural consumers in the most genuine way. Diversity isn't just a checkbox for us; it's the cornerstone of everything we do. Authenticity is our North Star. It shapes every idea, strategy, and interaction. We thrive in the embrace of community and view every project as an opportunity to enrich lives through engagement.

Innovation is our constant companion, guiding us through a rapidly evolving landscape. We're not just digital natives; we're the architects of the digital landscape. Our deep-rooted relationships with tastemakers, influencers, and the community itself give us an unparalleled edge. Our pulse beats in sync with the local and global trends, ensuring that we bring you insights that matter.

Our promise is to always exceed expectations. We're not just partners; we're confidantes, collaborators, and co-creators of success. Our journey has been shaped by the depth of our experience, the wisdom of every activation, and the knowledge that comes from traversing borders.

When you choose us, you choose accessibility. We are not just a name; we are a lifeline. Your goals are our goals, and we are here - ready to dive into every challenge and opportunity, side by side.

Welcome to PCA, where innovation meets authenticity, where collaboration breeds success, and where every story is waiting to be told.

Our Services

  • Account Services

    When you join forces with us, you're not only an experienced and committed account team, you're also tapping into our firsthand insights and knowledge of Asian American and Asian markets. At PCA, it's not just about collaboration; it's about empowering you with a deep understanding that sets your endeavors on a distinct path to success.

  • Paid Media

    We take immense pride in the meaningful connections we nurture. This extends to our diverse network of traditional and digital media channels. These partnerships serve as a testament to our dedication as trailblazers, community builders, and strategic guides. By leveraging these alliances, we're uniquely positioned to provide tailored recommendations for optimizing media platforms that align precisely with your objectives. At PCA, it's not just about relationships; it's about cultivating pathways to success within the dynamic Asian marketing and technology landscape.

  • Creative & Production

    Our mission is to push the boundaries of creativity and chart bold, new directions for your concepts. We hold the spirit of a trailblazer, the heart of a community builder, and the assurance of a strategic partner. This makes our approach distinctive and captivating within the Asian marketing and technology sphere. With our in-house production prowess, we don't just bring creativity to life – we infuse it with vibrancy and energy, transforming your ideas into captivating realities. At PCA, it's not just about pushing limits; it's about ushering your vision into the realm of the extraordinary.

  • Earned Media

    We transcend the conventional role of information management and communication, ushering in a new era of connection between your brand and the public. Our philosophy is to create and nurture robust, enduring bonds with your audience. Drawing from our role as trailblazers, community builders, and strategic partners, we infuse honesty and authenticity into every interaction. At PCA, it's not just about managing information; it's about forging lasting connections that resonate deeply within the vibrant Asian media landscape.

  • Experiential

    We're here to transform your event vision into a vibrant reality. We cover every facet from pre-event promotions to the meticulous follow-up after the curtains close. We offer unwavering support that mirrors our role as pioneers, community nurturers, and strategic collaborators. At PCA, we're not just event planners; we're the architects of immersive experiences. From inception to fruition, our commitment is to ensure your event leaves an indelible mark in the tapestry of the Asian marketing and technology landscape.

With this third installment of commercial video for Old Spice we were entrusted to launch the all new Total Body product line. Movie star, Ronny Chieng, returns as the quintessential Old Spice Man, making sure everyone knows that Old Spice Total Body spray can be used... everywhere.

This campaign will be multi-faceted, spanning 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second video pieces for television, social media platforms, digital video, and streaming platforms. We are taking creative to the next level and creating concepts that can be transformative for brands.

We are leading Old Spice with the finesse of a trailblazer, the charm of a community builder, and the strategic prowess of a trusted partner. In the latest evolution of Old Spice's Men Have Skin Too campaign, we dive into the intricacies of male skincare (and the true guardians of it). This campaign stars the renowned comedian and movie star, Ronny Chieng, as the quintessential Old Spice Man, sharing his newfound wisdom.

Anticipate a series of captivating adaptations in this campaign, spanning 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second video pieces. These vignettes are expertly crafted for television, social media platforms, digital video, and streaming platforms. We transform concepts into engaging realities that resonate uniquely within the dynamic Asian marketing and technology landscape.

Old Spice stands as an icon, embodying a brand that is etched into culture. Our role as innovators, community cultivators, and strategic collaborators shone brightly as we brought the Men Have Skin Too campaign to life with "Finer Things". In this 30-second masterpiece, the spotlight falls on movie star Ross Butler, embodying the quintessential Old Spice Man, delving into the mystery of who truly enjoys his Old Spice body wash.

“Finer Things” was an innovation leader - the first Old Spice commercial to be driven by Asian touchpoints. Alongside the 30-second feature, our collaboration has a series of vibrant 15-second and 6-second versions designed for sharing across social media, digital video, and streaming platforms. Our prowess transforms ideas into impactful stories that resonate uniquely within the ever-evolving Asian marketing and technology space.

Embracing the notions of family, authenticity, and legacy, New York Life recognizes the impact of cultural heritage, family traditions, and life stages on shaping financial destinies. The journey towards financial empowerment has unique hues for each individual, especially within multicultural segments.

Guided by our role as trailblazers, community builders, and strategic partners, we collaborate with New York Life to transform the dialogue on financial freedom into a captivating series of videos that resonate deeply with multicultural communities, including Asian, Hispanic, and Black audiences. Every video is a canvas infused with cultural insights and brimming with tailored communication that speaks to the heart of these diverse groups.

For instance, the Modern Family narrative from New York Life is a visual tapestry that weaves cultural perspectives, lifestyle, and pivotal life moments into a heartfelt story. Modern Family is enriched by emotional resonance and cultural empathy - a reflection of the universal language of love and compassion that binds us all. As New York Life's campaign journey continues, the response has been nothing short of transformative, echoing the power of authentic connection and engagement within the vibrant tapestry of the Asian marketing and technology landscape.

In the landscape of luxury automobiles, BMW has long held its position as a standard-bearer. This reputation, bolstered by substantial mainstream advertising, has left an indelible mark. Yet, within the realm of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Asian markets, a crucial narrative was absent. That's where we stepped in to pioneer change. Entrusted with the task of crafting a creative and strategic marketing blueprint, we set our sights on bridging the gap between BMW and its competitors across the prominent Asian segments.

A key example is Chinese Americans residing in the vibrant communities of Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. To reach this discerning audience, we orchestrated a media strategy across the most impactful media platforms ensuring our message was strong and targeted. Our creative drew inspiration from the robust work ethic and astute decision-making prowess characterizing many Chinese Americans. BMW’s ads radiated with a statement both audacious and empowering: “You earned it”. This declaration symbolized a connection that transcended the automotive domain, tapping into a shared sentiment of accomplishment.

We don't just communicate; we orchestrate narratives that resonate deeply within the diverse and dynamic Asian marketing and technology landscape.

A simple question can possess a profound capacity to transcend its mere existence. It can become The Question - the kind that unfurls the layers of racial bias, unearths the roots of discrimination, and exposes the weight of the “perpetual foreigner” label - a struggle endured by Asian Pacific Americans for generations. In a ground-breaking collaboration, our visionary creative prowess merged with the purpose-driven force of Egami to develop a poignant short film - a story that squarely addresses The Question and prompts education and discourse.

At the heart of this initiative lies a compelling objective: to cultivate understanding. We want The Question to be more than a query - it can be the start of dialogue and change. Rather than be a curious or divisive tool, it can be one of togetherness.

We mark a juncture where Asian Pacific Americans can reclaim their narrative, a moment to engage with a sense of ownership and pride. The Question is a prime example of how we're not just producing content; we're shaping narratives that pave the way for heartfelt conversations. This campaign is a testament to the fusion of innovation, authenticity, and community that defines our presence in the Asian marketing and community landscape.

There’s a silent epidemic that no one talks about. Globally, nearly 300 million people grapple with the weight of chronic Hepatitis B, yet the awareness surrounding this global concern remains alarmingly low.

Harnessing our role as trailblazers, community builders, and strategic partners, we help Gilead champion the cause of Hepatitis B awareness on a global level. One strategic component are our educational and awareness videos, a call to illuminate the myths and facts shrouding Hep B. These video creatives not only disseminate crucial information but also amplify the voices of patients, tearing down the barriers of misinformation, dispelling myths, and dismantling the stifling stigmas that tether to the disease. Our efforts are more than just a campaign; they're an embodiment of authenticity and community melded together within the vast mosaic of the Asian marketing and technology landscape.

Community, influencer, and event marketing intersect where innovation, authenticity, and culture intertwine. In these moments, we showcase our ability as trailblazers, our warmth as a community builder, and our assured stance as a strategic partner.

In homage to the number eight, a symbol of luck in some Asian cultures, we fashioned our own rendition of "cloud 9" for Royal Salute’s Lunar New Year celebrations, christened as Cloud 8. Cloud 8 was a collaboration between the world of social media influencers and an opulent dining and event experience. The evening consisted of eight enchanting chapters, each an embodiment of culture and unique experience. The heart of the narrative lay in the exclusive tasting rituals, culinary expressions, and other creations that harmonized with the rich notes of Royal Salute scotch whisky.

We transcend campaigns; we craft narratives that resonate with innovation, authenticity, and community. We value our role as visionaries, bridge builders, and partners to script a tale that captivates the very fabric of the Asian marketing and community.

In 2015, Frontier Communications embarked on a transformative journey, acquiring Verizon's networks and embracing a new customer base. In this pivotal moment, we emerged as a partner for Frontier with comprehensive capabilities and nationwide expertise - embodying the essence of a full-service collaborator.

The corporate merger and transition meant that every facet required meticulous attention. As the leaders of Frontier's Asian initiatives, our services spanned a multitude of domains, including strategic planning, the art of fostering relationships through public relations, managing unforeseen challenges through crisis management & response, crafting captivating creative adaptations and content, sculpting media strategies through planning & buying, curating engaging narratives in social media, and capturing hearts with event marketing & production.

We left an indelible impact, touching the lives of thousands of customers and creating millions of impressions across the canvas of media. With innovation as our compass, authenticity as our core, and community as our bedrock, our presence continues as a force within the ever-evolving Asian marketing and technology landscape.

Elevating your impact within a community often begins with a celebration of its very essence. We championed BMW's prominence as the headline sponsor of the annual Unforgettable Gala - a platform that crowns the luminaries of Hollywood's Asian American talent, casting them in the spotlight they so rightfully deserve.

From conception to realization, we focused upon creating engaging experiences that mirrored BMW's brand for this vibrant occasion. Exhibitions like the BMW VIP Lounge, BMW car service, and BMW’s official afterparty generated brand interaction and social media content. We also set a new precedent with the introduction of the inaugural BMW Ultimate Drive Award - a tribute to those Asian Americans who embody "The Ultimate Drive" in their careers. To present the award, we created thoughtful storytelling via a video spotlight where honoree Brian Tee's journey took center stage.

To help forge this partnership between BMW and The Unforgettable Gala is our embodiment of innovation, authenticity, and community. This is just one example of how we are an intersection of Asian marketing, culture, and leading brands.

Executive Order 9066, which displaced over 120,000 Japanese Americans to internment camps, marked a dark time in American history. Today it serves as a reminder of the dangers of racism, discrimination, and the erosion of civil liberties. The Remembrance Project was created by the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) to preserve the oral and written history of this time because no one else will.

We were trusted to weave stories that transcend time, create voices that echo, and most importantly, pay tribute and honor those who were affected by this travesty. In close collaboration with JAMN, our campaign was a strategic combination of PR & Media, grassroots, and social media influencers to drive community participation and awareness. Our centerpiece was a powerful PSA called The Remembrance Project video. This emotional piece featured an assembly of influential Asian Americans: led by actor George Takei, musician Steve Aoki, and the soulful singer/songwriter Marié Digby.

As the The Remembrance Project launched, the message reverberated within the Asian American community as an opportunity to have “real talk” about an overlooked passage of American history. We are not just creators; we are custodians of stories that bridge generations and leaders of narrative that go beyond historical facts. This is our realm - a space where collective memory, partnerships, and echoes of community reside within the very heart of Asian marketing and community.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) is a meaningful moment of recognition and representation for Asian Americans. In partnership with Verizon, we captured the spirit of APAHM by bringing Asian music and entertainment to the forefront of culture. The Verizon APAHM Tour was a summer staple for many years, to not just showcase products, but to celebrate the rich tapestry of Asian American culture and talent on a national platform.

The Verizon APAHM Tour was an original event concept that forged a bridge between the brand and youthful Asian Americans. We created a spotlight on renowned Asian artists - an unprecedented roster of performers hailing from across the world - Se7en, Epik High, Far East Movement, JJ Lin, Vanness Wu, Evonne Hsu, Mike Relm, Dumbfoundead, and Jay Park. As architects of engagement, we created a strategic set of initiatives to harness media and social amplification - press focused PR, Verizon retail Meet & Greet events, and VIP experiences to name a few.

This is our essence - creators of a one-of-a-kind concept that can transcend cultural significance, brand marketing, and engagements to become a phenomenon. Our endeavors aren't just campaigns; they're movements, etched into the very fabric of Asian marketing and community - a space where narratives redefine engagement, partnerships foster authenticity, and the spirit of community makes an imprint.

We weave strategic innovation, authenticity, and vibrant community. It is a familiar framework, the classic 4C's, a cornerstone of marketing wisdom since the 1990s. Yet, as the tides of the digital era surge, a fresh view beckons - a strategy that resonates with the demands of this contemporary landscape. In this insightful video, we reveal a new chapter - the "New 4C's of Marketing" - a narrative that mirrors the pulse of digitally inclined Asian American consumers in the dynamic 21st century.


We present this original short film as a poignant glimpse into the nuances of Chinese American lifestyle. Against the vibrant backdrop of Lunar New Year this culturally driven tale unfurls, delving into the traditions and cultural subtleties that weave through two generations of Chinese Americans. With a deft touch, the film captures the essence of how these traditions gracefully transform across generations, yet remain a steadfast force that unites them.


We present this original short film as a window into the dynamic world of Korean American life. Consider this video a lens that offers meaningful insights into the cultural nuances, deep traditions, and generational dynamics that resonate within a Korean American family during the vibrant background of a large family gathering.


Relive the magic as we recap of a Verizon Lunar New Year celebration set in the iconic Union Square of San Francisco.


Step into the heart of innovation as we present a video recap of the Verizon Visionaries Conference, an event that epitomizes the visionary spirit we embody.


Embark on a visual journey that captures the essence of Gilead’s B Here University Tour, an unforgettable series of college campus events to highlight the dangers of Hepatitis B.



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